What is intergrative Medicine?

Integrative, Complimentary, Herbal, and Homeopathic Medicine Explained:

Holistic Veterinary Medicine:

A relatively recent offering for our animal patients. Separate from more “mainstream” medicine, the term Holistic Medicine is used to define aspects of medicine that don’t involve the use of pharmaceuticals (drugs), surgery, or regular therapies such as vaccination. Encompassed in this definition are modalities such as Animal Chiropractic, Veterinary Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, many individual herbal therapies (including Western society herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology, Ayurvedic herbs, and sometimes native traditional herbs from many countries), Energy Medicine such as Reiki, the use of Magnetic therapies, Oxygen therapies (Ozone, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and others), the use of Flower Essences, Essential Oils such as those made by Young Living Essential Oils, Homeopathy, and much more.

Integrative (also called Complimentary) Veterinary Medicine:

A term used to explain the blending of Holistic therapies with those of more standard, conventional medicine including surgery, oncology, wellness programs using vaccinations, blood testing, and heartworm preventatives, and the use of regular drugs and medicines. An excellent example of the use of Integrative Medicine is in the treatment of a pet with cancer, in which the doctor may use chemotherapy and surgery, but also employ the use of acupuncture and herbs to prevent pain, nausea, and enhance patient comfort.

Homeopathic Medicine:

Homeopathics are a very specific form of Holistic therapy, in which minute extracts of a substance (plant or mineral, virus, or other substance) is prepared by a special technique, making it very potent and effective in the treatment of disease in spite of the very small volume of active product present in the formula. Homeopathic medicines are provided in liquid form or in small pelleted pills, and more recently also in sterile injectable forms which can be used as part of an acupuncture program. Customers frequently confuse the terms “Homeopathic” and “Holistic”, so this definition is included here to help clarify.

Dr. Verna’s practice of over 24 years of veterinary medicine is primarily Integrative or Complimentary. She combines all available forms of therapy into her protocols, conventional and holistic, and designs each patient’s medical plan individually. She works with every client (the human who brings the pet to be seen) and patient (the animal) to develop the specific program most likely to be effective as the patient’s Wellness and Health plan.


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