The word "Reiki" is a Japanese word used to describe many types of healing and spiritual work. The most common form of Reiki taught in the United States is the Usui style, named after its founder. Reiki is an Energy form of healing. Research is underway, and so far shows good support of the fact that Reiki Energy healing can help decrease pain in human and animal patients.

Dr. Verna first learned Reiki by working with animals in the veterinary clinic, and later took a course to try and learn more about what was causing the fascinating improvement in comfort and well-being of her patients. At this time, Dr. Verna explains Reiki to her clients as, "a feeling of warmth and love that one can learn to channel from your heart and hands to the sick pet". Where does this energy come from? Dr. Verna feels it is "a gift from the Universe; a Gift from God to help us take away pain and sickness and create a wonderful feeling of peace and wellness in the patient, whether human or animal". If you are inspired by witnessing a session with Dr. Verna and one of your pets, you may learn more about Reiki on-line, or find a local class where you, too, can learn to soothe pain and guide animals towards wellness.


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