Nutritional Advice/Counseling

Animal Nutritional Advice and Counseling

Dr. Verna is a strong believer in the profound positive and negative effects of diet on the physical body. She recognizes that not every pet owner is prepared or able to feed a raw meat diet (nor is every pet able to physically digest such a diet without preparation and very gradual diet change!), and is willing and able to help plan a diet for each pet that will be nutritious and improve health more than most prepared pet foods can offer. It is truly miraculous what a difference a change in dietary intake can make for most pets (especially the removal of grains and starches entirely from the diet of true carnivores such as cats, and facultative carnivores such as dogs!).

Dr. Verna has taken a detailed course in Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Therapy for Pets and has finalized her certification in this training in Spring, 2010, earning the new title of "CVFT = Certified Veterinary Food Therapist". This course involves the incorporation of consideration of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Energetics of the individual foods, and balancing these with the needs of a certain pet to optimize health and recovery from symptoms of disease. Since completing this course, Dr. Verna has enhanced the Health and Well-Being of hundreds of pets through dietary modification and nutritional planning. Come on in for a consultation for your pet, if you would like to add years of health to their medical plan!


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