Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic

What is it? How do I know if my pet would benefit from it?

The human hand was used to adjust the spine and limbs as long ago as in ancient Greek times. Dr. B.J. Palmer, an American, is credited with being the formal developer of human chiropractic in the early 1940's. As with Acupuncture, the techniques of Chiropractic adjustments were applied to animals from the beginning, but not formalized into a trained art until quite recently.
The first formal organization for chiropractic applications in animals was created in the 1980's and called Options for Animals. In 1986, the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) began; Dr. Sharon Willoughby was its founding President. This marvelous group has continued through the present time to provide support for trained and qualified veterinarians and human chiropractors who are certified through their affiliate programs to safely provide excellent chiropractic care to animals of all sizes and species as part of their normal routine health care.

Dr. Verna was the 150th professional to be certified to practice Animal Chiropractic through the AVCA recognized school, Options for Animals. She completed this program in December of 1995. She has used her skills and training (and many hours of Continuing Education in Animal Chiropractic since obtained) to help many, many animals …from birds and bunny rabbits to dogs in the agility and show circuit… to feel better, move better, and function better in every way through regular chiropractic care and adjustments.

Preventative medicine techniques make Animal Chiropractic a real benefit to all ages of pet. Dr. Verna's children have been regular chiropractic patients with local human chiropractors since a very young age, and Dr. Verna feels that, "even puppies and kittens can use the help of an occasional adjustment as they grow; everyone knows that being a toddler is a contact sport, as rough as they play!" Animals enjoy chiropractic adjustments and obviously feel better immediately afterwards! Treat your pet to decreased pain and better comfort through improved spinal alignment today!


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